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04/09: Prom Café Photo’s

An earlier start, fuelled the need for refreshments, so what better place to ‘top up’ than sitting under The Bournemouth Big Wheel whilst basking in glorious September sunshine. Thanks for leading Ned and of course Back-Up-Barry!

02/09: Late Summer Event Photo’s

Good times were had at the ‘Summer’ event both on land and water! A big ‘shout-out’ to Richi for being our very own Mario Testino. Here’s a little reminder – click on image to enlarge. Keep the photo’s coming…

The simplest way to set chain length is …

John Boulcott saw this tip in Cycling UK’s Cycle magazine: The simplest way to set chain length is to wrap the chain around the largest chainring and the largest sprocket, without passing it through the rear derailleur. Ensure the ends overlap by at least one full link, then fit in the usual way.

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