Month: May 2021

Ride Bookings Update

The general consensus is that we will keep to the existing booking arrangement for all rides (via Mel) up to 21 June and review once we are clear that no restrictions will continue after that. Thank you for your understanding.

Explosion in Ringwood!

Having enjoyed a sunny ride over to Velo Cafe and suitably been welcomed, watered & fed by Peter & Vicky, we set off back to Highcliffe. Passing the market stalls and heading out along the cobble road all seemed fine, then there was an ALMIGHTY BANG! CW’s wobbled on their bikes, shopkeepers came to their … Read More

I.O.W. Adventure

Despite everything being thrown at us, torrential rain, thunder, lighting, hail-storms and Covid we came, we saw, we conquered (kinda)! A great team effort kept our spirits high, but not as high as some of the Islands hills – next time my vote is for Holland! A big thank you is extended to Mel for … Read More

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