About Us

Thanks for visiting Castle Wheelers, based in Highcliffe, Dorset. We started out in October 2017 as a happy band of pals, with a common interest – namely cycling! Our 2 rides per week keep us fit, give us a chance to get out and about and allow us to solve the woes of the world!

We ride every Wednesday & Friday to advertised venues, usually 20-30 mile round-trips, stopping midway for coffee & cakes for ‘life support!’

We are affiliated with CyclingUK and offer a variety of rides including off-road, forest & coastal routes (all we ask, are that cyclists are proficient riders rather than beginners & wear a helmet).  We don’t focus on hammering out massive miles at race-pace, we offer sensible distances at reasonable speeds.

Socially we have organized special events like our Christmas Lunch, Skittles Evenings, Anniversary Celebration and Summer Picnics.

All of this equals the best value in terms of exercise and friendship.