AGM 2020

Castle Wheelers cycle club, Highcliffe & Cycling UK Club 90153151 AGM 25/03/20. (Due to the Coronavirus emergency, the AGM was held by e-mail, so the following precise is substituted for ‘Minutes’)

Chairman’s report David Avery:-

  1. This is our 3rd. AGM, and we have a thriving club, in both riding and social activities. The current circumstances have meant the postponement or cancellation of planned activities.
  2. We need to remember our ride-etiquette and carry appropriate spares in case of breakdown.
  3. We have an excellent new website ( which will be our main contact with members.
  4. Many good rides and events in ’19, thanks to all, including the CK staff for an excellent Christmas Lunch.

Treasure’s report – John Boulcott:-

  1. We started the year with minus £12.80, ended with +£3.08 with nothing outstanding, and cost of website included, so at least we’re solvent!
  2. There will be a sizeable income from the postponed Rock&Roll Evening, 60 guests all pre-paid, so the ’20 subscription will remain at £10.
  3. Club Constitution updated accordingly.

IT & Membership Sec. report – Louise Abrahams:-

  1. The membership ‘cap’ remains at 40.
  2. The new website was launched in Nov.’19, and will be continuously expanded to meet   our needs.
  3. We are now using local social media for advertising and raising our profile.
  4. A ‘Members satisfaction survey’ was sent to all members for feedback on what
    we do and how we do it. I will collate the results and present to the Committee for comment and action.

Club Sec. report – Mel. Pike:-

  1. All planned rides are cancelled until further notice due to the National Emergency, as per CUK advice.
  2. The Rock & Roll evening is postponed for later in the year, all records and income held over.
  3. The 2-day Isle-of-Wight ride on May 20th. Remains in place for now, but might alter.
  4. I am looking into the proposed ‘Leaders rota’ and will report a.s.a.p.
  5. I will confer with our ‘IT-gal’ about tuition on bike tech-stuff.
  6. The 4 current officers are prepared to stand for re-election, so other candidates must apply to me before the end of March, or the existing officers will be deemed to have been elected.
  7. The committee asks for a volunteer to join it as a Members Rep. Please let me know if you are willing to stand for election.