I.O.W. Adventure

Despite everything being thrown at us, torrential rain, thunder, lighting, hail-storms and Covid we came, we saw, we conquered (kinda)!

A great team effort kept our spirits high, but not as high as some of the Islands hills – next time my vote is for Holland!

A big thank you is extended to Mel for organising the trip and his map reading skills – 9/10 (well there’s always room for improvement, right)? Also, thanks to Pete Morgan and Frank who took the time to wave us off from the Castle & Lymington Ferry (& Pete C for beeping at us along Silver Street – twice)! Martin put himself to considerable time, trouble, effort and cost to be part of the event – he is now an expert for the #7 bus route having almost circumnavigated the Island.

More stories to be told over coffee/cake but after nearly 85 miles, we could all do with a few days rest!

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3 Comments On “I.O.W. Adventure”

  1. Great pics. from Chris, excellent presentation from Abs! Now it’s back to the asylum…and business as usual! Now where’s my Guernsey map…..?


  2. Guernsey… ordering the e-bike now!!!


  3. Guernsey will have to wait for a week as my legs hurt!


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