Keep your bike feeling new all year round

Every year it is worth dissembling your bike and giving it a good annual overhaul to ensure that it continues to feel like new. Throughout the year, your bike is going to be ridden in different weather conditions, over different terrain and in different seasons. Combined, these variables can wear out the parts on your bike such as bearings which can impact how your bike performs and not in a good way.

Bearings, gear cables, brake pads, brake fluids and chain wear are only a few components which might start to wear and become in need of repair or replacement.

For bikes such as Mountain bikes and gravel bikes, these should be overhauled more often due to stress that the componentry will endure. If your bike starts to make a strange noise or feel different in how it performs then it is an obvious sign to give your bike a service.

Learning to service your bike at home can come in very useful when it comes to saving money and time. With a few simple tools and products you will find that servicing your bike is quite an easy process once you follow a few methodical steps that mean that no part of your bike is overlooked

If you struggle to have the time, space or knowledge to perform an annual bike service then there is no need to worry, just book a service with a local dealership to get you back on the road.

Remember, to check your bike over BEFORE you go out on your ride and don’t forget, nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride…

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  1. I like the Checklist pic. saves 1,000 words! The ‘where’ is spot-on and we could definitely expand on the ‘how’!


  2. A useful video…


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