Merry Christmas Everyone

2020 has been the worst any of us have known, thanks to the pandemic, but we have managed to maintain Club continuity thanks to the excellent support shown by a large majority of you, our members!

We’ve put on around 100 rides, a RBS charity fund event raising over £2,000 (Rainbow Rides), and a (late) Summer Event involving about 20 members! We have been able to keep a large part of our social interaction in place within the constraints of safety measures in place at all times.

Christmas is days away, and it’s uncertain what, if anything, we might be able or willing to do as a celebration, so we need to thank the Committee for their work and dedication thus far and of course, the ‘leaders’, ‘backups’…and above all, YOU the members, without who’s support, none of this would have been possible!

Merry Christmas and a safe, enjoyable ’21!

5 Comments On “Merry Christmas Everyone”

  1. Fab. ‘montage’ Louise, lots of smiley faces! (who are they?) We did all this at the most dire time in our history…but we ‘aint’ finished yet, so look out world – ‘cos HERE WE COME in ’21!



  2. Smiling is free therapy, long may it continue into 2021.


  3. Bike More Worry Less……….


  4. Ding Dong !


  5. Lovely collection of photos Louise, didn’t realise we managed to do so much cycling together in lockdown 2020!
    Happy and safe New Year to all., with more cycling adventures yet to come!


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