Ride Etiquette & Safety


Wear a helmet and suitable clothing, have personal ID, have a mobile phone and carry a spare inner tube.

Review the ride on the Castle Wheelers website to see if distance is suitable for you


Always give way to pedestrians and respect other road users

Riders should not overtake the Leader of the group or adopt their own route.

If you are going to leave the ride early for whatever reason let the Main leader and the back-up know.



Follow the Highway Code at all times eg do not ride on pavements and follow rules for shared pavements.

Riders may ride two abreast on tracks/ quiet roads. Otherwise they should ride in single file:-

  • On busy roads
  • On corners
  • Up and down hills
  • On narrow roads when there is oncoming traffic
  • When there is a solid white line in the middle of the road.
  • When directed to do so by a leader

Do not slow suddenly and communicate your intention to those behind (eg SLOWING, STOPPING, PASSING etc)

Group Rides

At start of ride the organiser (main leader) will give a brief outline of the ride and will indicate the nature of any potential hazards.

A back- up and any additional leaders (see below) will be appointed before the ride begins (drawn from those registered as leaders with Cycling UK)

Where rider numbers and/or the chosen route require additional leaders (see next paragraph) these will also be appointed before the ride begins.

If more than one group is required each group will need to leave a gap of at least 50 metres** between them to enable other road users to overtake safely. The organiser (main leader) will indicate where on the route this is to apply.

The aim should be to keep each group as compact as possible so that other road users have a smaller obstacle to overtake. Keep the gap between you and the rider ahead small but safe.


Leaders and the back-up will be in contact by radio. If a rider is in danger of dropping off the back or has a puncture, mechanical or physical problem this should be notified to a leader or the back- up who will communicate up the line.

**This figure, based on Cycling UK stated policy, will be kept under review.