Ride Etiquette and Communication

1. Group riding – Ride as a group stay as a group.

Group riding is a social experience where help is at hand for mechanical and physical problems and ground can be covered with less effort. If you drop off the back the group will wait and give support.

2. Riding off the front

Do not ride off the front of the group or take your own “alternative” route as this can upset group harmony and pace. The main principle of group riding is to ride together.

3. Staying close.

If you slow when you cannot see the rider behind or they are falling a long way
back, it will gradually ripple through to the leader and the whole group will slow and reform. This also means corners should not need marking as we are always in sight of each other.

4. Ability

The ride needs to be at a comfortable level for both speed and distance.

5. Problems.

Punctures, mechanical and physical problems should be conveyed to the front of the group. Don’t suffer, tell someone.

6. Preparation.

Wear suitable clothing, have personal ID. a mobile phone and carry a spare tube. Phone numbers should be exchanged within the group.