Ride Leader:
● Objective is to ensure the safety and comfort of the ride members
● Leader has overall accountability for the ride and pod leaders
● Check riders wear a helmet
● Leader to set an example and follow the Highway Code eg by giving way to
pedestrians, following the rules concerning different types of crossings, i.e. dismount or ride
● Nominate back up and second group leader if the group exceeds 8 riders
● Nominate a strong rider to mark dangerous crossing points or as a junction marker
● Outline the route and any possible hazards
● If the ride is to be split into groups, the leader and sub leaders maintain their allocated number of riders
● Optimum speed should be 12-14 mph
● Ensure there are sufficient breaks for rehydration/breather

Mid or pod leader:
● Leave a sufficient gap of a minimum of 6/7 cars
● Don’t leave anyone behind from your pod
● Ensure your pod gets a sufficient break when the other pods stop
● Set an example and ensure the group adheres to the Highway Code (crossings,
mount or dismount)
● Respond to radio message, when safe to do so. Pass message up or down
(therefore increasing radio range)

Back up:
● Advise leader of any problems by radio e.g. rear riders dropping too far back,
breakdown, accident
● Advise leader if pace is too fast and if some riders are not getting a sufficient break
● Advise leader if last group is too close to the pod in front and therefore leaving an
insufficient gap

Rider’s Responsibilities:
● Must have a roadworthy bike
● Carry a spare innertube and pump
● Be up to date with the Highway Code specific to cyclists
● Be aware of potholes/vehicles and convey their presence to the group
● First and last riders in each group to advise group of vehicle up or down
(Preferably as the vehicle is about to overtake)
● To inform group leader if you intend to leave the group before the ride completion