Author: Louise Abrahams

The simplest way to set chain length is …

John Boulcott saw this tip in Cycling UK’s Cycle magazine: The simplest way to set chain length is to wrap the chain around the largest chainring and the largest sprocket, without passing it through the rear derailleur. Ensure the ends overlap by at least one full link, then fit in the usual way.

Bike Checklist

All you need to know about practicalities, essentials, routine checks and if leading a ride. FYI, You can also find a diagrammatic bike image under the Cycle Safety/Maintenance page.

Signed, sealed, delivered…

Just in case you haven’t seen Mel around recently, we have proof that he hasn’t done a moonlight flit to Barbados and was spotted at RBH donating the ‘Rainbow Rides’ money. Well done to all those involved, as total funds raised ca. £1700. Image c/o RBH charity Facebook.

AGM & 2020 Membership Subs

As no objections have been received to the contrary, the existing officers have been duly re-elected from April 1st. Accordingly, the proposals, finances and comments contained in the AGM documents circulated to you by e-mail last Saturday, 28th. March, are deemed to have been accepted.  As the Club is now unable to function due to … Read More

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