Bike Checklist

All you need to know about practicalities, essentials, routine checks and if leading a ride. FYI, You can also find a diagrammatic bike image under the Cycle Safety/Maintenance page.

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  1. The most common problem on rides is the dreaded puncture! Yes, we should all know how to fix a puncture and carry the appropriate tube and tools, but AVOIDING them is a good idea!
    Always make sure your tyres are properly inflated to the pressure marked on the sidewall. As soon as practically possible, change to ‘puncture resistant’ tyres (Schwalbe for example) and put Green Slime in the new tubes – Halfords do this for £12 per pair and guarantee no punctures for 2 years (within limits)!
    We are all ‘competent riders’, so most of the checklist should not be new to us, but read through and refresh your memory every so often…it helps!


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